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About Us

Growing up on a small farm in the western North Carolina mountains we had lots of barn cats and kittens.  I remember being so disappointed when the little kitten’s eyes would slowly lose the blue and become green.  One day I ask my Veterinarian Grandfather why this happened?  He Said “Well you need a Special Cat” for the eyes to stay blue.  Well I declared quite emphatically. “Some day I’m going to get a momma cat to have blue eyed babies that will stay blue forever.  Pappa just laughed as he finished smoothing the hoofs of the horse he had just fitted with new shoes.  Slapping the file against the leg of his overhauls he said, “It’s not likely to happen with these barn cats”.  ” Why not Pappa?” I asked, as he led the horse back to its stall.  ” They don’t have the right genes in them.” he said over his shoulder.  It was then that I peered intently in to the eyes of the three kittens I had been holding trying to see their genes.

After many domestic cats and litters and a few pedigreed and some thirty years later, in the summer of 1980 a little Blue Eyed, Blue Bicolor Ragdoll boy would change my life completely.  The moment I saw and held him, I fell in love with the Ragdoll.  He was everything I had dreamed of so many years before. He far exceeded my expectations.  I researched the breed for a few more years and planned my cattery. After many phone calls and letters I eventually acquired my first female, a Seal Point Female.  A few months later I found a Blue Mitted Male and a Seal Bicolor Female.

They have long since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge or have have been spayed and neutered and placed in Pet homes. My first Love the Blue Bicolor Boy left us in 1999 at the ripe old age of nineteen and a half years old.

All of our adults have a blood panel test done yearly with complete Titer counts as well.  All of our Breeders have been DNA tested for the gene that causes HCM and have tested negative.  All kittens are completely health checked by our Vet prior to them leaving for their new home.  You will be given health documentation signed by our Vet and myself.  We give a two year Genetic health guarantee.  All kittens will have received a minimum of three kitten vaccinations or age appropriate vaccinations and worming.  All vaccinations and worming are recorded in a health booklet with vaccine given, dates given, along with serial numbers and expiration’s date.  Kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving for their new home at twelve weeks.

Visitation is made by appointment only and we ask that you do not visit any other catteries or kennels on the same day prior to visiting us.  Kittens are available for visitation after they have received one vaccination.  Kittens are not sold until they are 12 weeks old.  A one hundred dollar non refundable deposit is required to hold a kitten.  Your kitten will be go home with a toy that it and it’s litter mates have played with.  You will also be given food the kitten has been raised on, as well as list of foods it should be fed and where you can buy them. You will also receive a sheet of instructions pertaining to the care of your kitten and the introduction of your kitten into the new household.  If you have questions we will gladly return your phone calls a promptly as possible.

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